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This blog is somewhat of a project, test site, and a place for me to hone my skills in WordPress and social networking. While doing that, I will also use it to voice my opinions, show things I like, compare products, show off my hobbies, and while doing all that, I will remain to be known only as The Rebel. I have always had a blog, but in the past they never went anywhere because my audience was limited or hindered, depends on how you look at it I guess. I never felt like I could be free to say what I really wanted to say without fear of being judged or ridiculed by my friends and family. A lot of them don’t agree with my views or understand them, so it’s hard for me to speak. So this place I’ve created on the web is a way for me to come out of my shell and really speak my mind. I will tell stories of my past, and maybe no one cares to read them, but I think it would be therapeutic for me to write about it. I will try to keep things interesting, and also make it a goal to post regularly.


RR3 About The Rebel




  • The Rebel is gonna rock you!
  • The Rebel is just a tattoo loving, tech geek, musician, and a creative creator of crafty things and a very good cook.
  • The Rebel wants to rag on and on sometimes, so why not read it?
  • The Rebel wants to share too, so share back, link back, hell subscribe if ya want.
  • Maybe The Rebel will say something to inspire you, or spark a fire in you. Maybe the Rebel will just piss you off. Either outcome is bound to happen at some point, so just deal with it. Really it’s nothing personal, the Rebel don’t know you


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